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Our Vision

We use modern architectural principles to work with the landscape to support stewardship of our land, our communities and our planet.

We design homes not houses.  We believe that a home is more than just shelter.  It includes the structure, the community, and the land that surrounds it.  Whether you have a quarter acre or 300 acres, we will work with your unique site and design your home to take care of the environment and to take care of your family for generations.

Our Process

Before we talk, take a moment and go outside. Take a deep breath, listen to the sounds, and put your hands in the dirt.  Pick up a handful of earth, crush it, feel it between your fingers, and understand what it means to you.  This little piece of the planet belongs to you and you belong to it.  Cherish this connection. 

After an initial consultation by phone, we will schedule to meet at the site. We begin by listening to you so that we better understand your wants and needs.  Our success is rooted in collaboration and we will bring our expertise and vision to meet your inspiration, lifestyle, and budget. 

Contact us to learn more about our design process that will follow you from project conception to completion.

Image by Noah Buscher
Bridge over a River


We are visionaries.

Our designs weave together the story of your land, your home, and your heart.

Our work is thoughtful, intentional, and built to last. 

Our purpose is to leave this world a better place than we received it.